Important Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 Response

Coastal Transportation Inc. takes our responsibility to transport your cargo quickly and efficiently very seriously. We are working hard to protect our customers and employees from COVID-19, and to keep our vessels delivering cargo to Alaska without interruption. In conjunction with our medical advisors we have worked out a plan.

Protecting Our Customers and Terminal Employees

We have taken extraordinary precautions to make sure our employees do not come down with COVID-19, and if they have been infected unknowingly, to prevent them for spreading it throughout the company.

During this time of emergency, we ask you to please call or email us, rather than meet in person at our offices.

Protecting Our Mariners

We need to keep our boats moving to serve Alaska. We have a plan in place to protect our mariners from possible infection. We screen our mariners’ health beginning a week before departing Seattle. Non-crew personnel such as customers and vendors are prohibited from boarding the ship in Alaska, and whenever possible in Washington ports.


If one of our ships is sidelined due to exposure, we have another ship ready to sail, and extra crew that can be assembled in a short time period, to keep your cargo moving.

CTI is committed to keep your cargo moving, uninterrupted. Thank you for your ongoing support and we remain dedicated to maintaining reliable service to Western Alaska during these uncertain times.

Your sincerely,

Coastal Transportation Team